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Welcome to West Brattleboro Pizza

Our original Hand-tossed New York Style pizza is often imitated but never duplicated. We created the area's first and best New York Style Pizza, toppings to the edge, generously topped pizza - you've come to love. All of our pizzas are carefully made with our 100% real natural cheeses, freshest vine-ripened tomatoes, and our secret recipe dough, made fresh each day. That's why everyone agrees... It's the best!

At West Brattleboro Pizza we study the science of making the perfect pizza. A Pizza must have a solid foundation, so let's talk about the crust. We make our own dough daily, in small batches to ensure freshness. We have to plan ahead because we let our dough rise to give our crust depth without heaviness. We use only the freshest flour, sugars, salts, and virgin oils available. Our dough mixer is only a few feet from where it will be baked to perfection in our brick slab oven. This is what makes it possible for us to deliver "the best taste in pizza"!

Only the Best

Our Pizza

A great pizza starts with the quality of the crust, and we believe that begins with utilizing the highest-quality dough possible. With our dough made fresh daily, you get the best Hand-tossed New York Style Pizza. The closest thing to a slice of the Big Apple..

Our Sauce

We can't help but be a little saucy about our sauce. After all, ours is made with a special blend of herbs and spices combined with diced, vine-ripened Roma tomatoes from California. This all guarantees a very distinctive taste and texture that tastefully separates our sauce from the rest.

Our Toppings

Our toppings are the best. We use only the best quality you can find, and aim to please your most creative tastes with any one of 20 different toppings, from hand-sliced green peppers to mouth-watering pepperoni. You just can't top our selection.